100 year old news paper predicts the future

100 Year Old News Paper Predicts The Future

100 year old news paper predicts the future

A 100 year old weekly news paper named ‘Rodney and Otamatea Time’ published an article on Auguest 14, 1912 about ‘Climate Change’ in the near future. This photo is actually hanging on the wall in the Warkworth museum.

The article was published under the category of ‘Science Notes and News’ and it was titles as ‘Coal Consumption Affecting Climate’

It says that if we burn this amount of coal every year, it adds enough carbon dioxide to the atmosphere to act like a blanket for the earth. So that the temperature of the earth may rise to a considerable amount within a few centuries.

This turns out to be pretty accurate so far. In fact it’s only been one century and we are starting to feel the global warming and its side effects. Most of us only think about ourselves but it’s today we should start thinking about the environment and do something to protect it for the future generation.

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