Bear motorcycle

Russia | A Place Where You Can See Bears Riding Motorcycles on Public Roads

They say bears are dangerous and you should not stay anywhere near them if you love your life. Well, what if I tell you that it’s not always true.

Think about driving your car along the road and out of no where there is a 250-pound  huge bear riding on a motorcycle.

Sounds surprised?

Believe me it’s true! this may sound crazy to you but I’ll tell you that for people in Russia, it’s just another normal day. What do you call

It is said that this bear named ‘Tim’ belongs to a local circus. Tatiana, the “Area 29” circus administrator said that these bikers love to ride with Tim. When you look at the video clip it shows that he is right! This bear is living the best days of his life.

Michael, the motorcycle driver said that this was his first time riding with Tim and he was not afraid of him. “The main thing is to not let Tim climb behind the wheel!” he said.

Watch How Bear Rides Motorcycle Like a Boss! He Waves His Paw

See How He Gets on The Bike Like It Was Nothing.

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