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These Shocking Bodies Will Show You The Reality Of EVEREST

Everest, the tallest mountain in the world is more than 29,000 ft high and situated in Nepal. This country is remarkably beautiful and you have to visit it to believe. This following video will show you some of the best places in Nepal.

Climbing Mt Everest is considered as a huge achievement for anyone. It looks pretty easy, when you see someone place their flag on top of the mountain.

But the reality is, you can not simply do much. If you watch the movie “Everest” you will understand the ugly reality of those who try to climb it. The first incident was reported on 1996 when 16 people died trying to reach the summit. 

1996 Everest disaster is considered as the most deadliest incident ever happened before 2014 and 2015 incidents which resulted in costing 16 and 18 lives accordingly. Every year these deaths are reported which increases the total amount of  Everest deaths. 

The air on top of the mountain is really thin and even with the oxygen you are taking, it is really hard to breath. Basically it is called as the death zone. Most of the climbers can not withstand these unbearable conditions.

The people who fail, will have to face their last moment and the bodies are just left their, creating special land marks.

The cold weather preserves the bodies and they even convert into mummies. These pictures will show you the ugly reality of climbing Mt Everest. WARING : Distressing content.

Pictures via imgur

There you go. I know the truth is ugly but we have to face the reality. What do you think about climbing Everest now? comment below and surprise others by sharing this story with them.

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