Bruce Lee’s Only Real Fight Ever Recorded On Tape

This footage was a part of the first Taekwondo-kickboxing tournament held in 1968.  Jhoon Rhee and Bruce Lee hosted it.

“Be Water, My Friend” – Bruce Lee

At the start of the event, Bruce Lee sparred a fight with Ted Wong to get the attention of others to the tournament.  They are wearing protective gear, because they were NOT ALLOWED to fight without them. It was actually part of the promotion behind this event.

Anyway, Bruce Lee put this whoops a** down in a matter of seconds.

At that time there were not many full contract sport events other than Boxing and Wrestling so Bruce Lee did a good job on getting attention to the event as it was being full contract.

This picture shows Bruce Lee’s master who was behind the success of this legend.

Bruce Lee With His Master

Bruce Lee with his master
© accepteart

Think If this master fighter was alive today, he would do well in UFC if he was given time to train and adopt to current UFC system. Isn’t it?

If I was to ever go against him in a real fight, I’d just play dead instead of fighting him. Even with this little kid LOL.

Bruce Wee

We miss you Bruce. He was such a great inspiration.

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