Puffie the chow chow fluffy cute dog

Meet Puffie, The Cutest Puppy On Instagram, Some People Still Believe It’s A Potato

Meet ‘Puffie’ the chow chow who’s taking the Internet by storm. He loves to play and take long naps while his mama makes his favorite meal for him.

His new parents are from Malaysia and boy, they love him so much that this puppy even has his own bed & toys.

Although Puffie is told that he’s a chow chow, we are not sure if he believes that. Most of the time he tries to be a dog, but he looks like a sweet little potato. or a little lion. or a panda? May be.. I’m still confused.

This cutie was born in China, but when his new parents found him, he was like 3 months old. Puffie’s new mama immediately fell love with him at her first glance and I’m sure, it was the best birthday gift she ever received.

According to wiki, Chow Chows are originally from china and this breed was called ‘songshi quan’ Which means “puffy-lion dog”. If you have ever been to Chinese temples, you  have probably seen these dogs are being used as the traditional stone guardians found in front of Buddhist temples.

Here are some of his cuteness overloaded moments from Instagram. Don’t look too close because he’s going to steal your heart like the way he did to me.

Puffie the chow chow with his toy

Puffie the chow chow in car
Puffie the chow chow the potato
Puffie the chow chow tiny paws
Puffie the chow chow nap
Puffie the chow chow in his bed
Puffie the chow chow cute back
Puffie the chow chow tries stairs
Puffie the chow chow sleeping

Is that a walking Potato?

Meet him on Instagram and Facebook for his latest moments.

They are just wonderful dogs and we are lucky that they still exist in our world. Share if you think Puffie is the cutest thing you saw today!

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