the go kart kid meme

Forever Spinning Kid On Go Kart Is The New Internet Meme

Witness the birth of a new internet meme. This kid would have never thought that his first time on a Go Kart will be the next biggest hit on the internet.

The original video shows a kid’s Go Kart race where two opponents finish the race and this kid enter’s the scene with her Go Kart forever spinning like a fidget spinner.

Luckily the flag guy came in to end this kid’s journey to the fourth dimension.

When the Internet find out this video, it didn’t stay like the way it was. Some artist edited the whole video and made it the most amazing thing on the internet by including the best matching music into it.

While this kid was spinning, she goes into the space, swims with sharks, floats on Lava, spins on a cat and even does donuts with a vintage car.

The background music track made this video ten times more amazing. If you are wondering what the song is, look no where, it’s the famous ‘Shooting Stars’ by Bag Raiders. Checkout the original full track below.

The internet can be a beautiful thing sometimes. Share this awesome meme with your friends and make them witness the birth of an amazing meme.

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