FrogLog Animal Escape Ramp for Swimming Pools

It’s Called The Froglog And What It Does Is Amazing!

If you have an in-ground pool at your place, you might have noticed all the little animals that are trapped inside the pool and drawn to death.

Wildlife biologist Rich Manson saw this in his own swimming pool and thought of a way to save the lives of these poor animals. That is when he came up with the idea of a ‘FrogLog’.

It is basically a device that connects the water level and the ground level. Animals that are floating on water can easily climb out of any swimming pool with the help of this device.

The FrogLog consists of an inflatable platform that connects to a mesh skirt, a weighted pouch that mounts the device to the pool deck, and a mesh ramp connecting the two ends. It takes like 5 minutes to set up one of these and depending on the pool size, you can increase the number of units.

They say it is important to leave it in the pool all the time, even at night, when the little animals are most active during the day.

In-fact, if you can spend some time, you can easily make a homemade FrogLeg to save lives of some poor animals dawning in your pool.

FrogLog In Action

via Imgur

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