giant squid in South Africa ocean

Giant Squid Tries Hijacking This Guy’s Paddle Board With Its Massive Tentacles

James Taylor is a South African guy who loves water sports as a hobby. One day when he goes paddle boarding off the coast of South Africa, he got to experience the weirdest thing in his entire life – A Giant Squid!

It’s true – Sea monsters are real! He is lucky to encounter one of the smaller ones because their body can grow up to 43 ft long in size. These giant squids are reported as one of the rarest sea creatures in the oceans. In-fact on 2004, the researchers got the first chance to take photographs of a giant squid which was living in its natural habitat.

giant squid vs whale
Sperm Whale wrestling its prey, a Giant Squid

James was enjoying the day in the ocean while his wife Christina was filming his activities on the prattle board. When he saw this giant squid’s huge tentacles wrapping his surf board, he almost panicked and jumped into the water.

It looks like this giant squid is injured and can’t swim no longer, because its tentacles are damaged by some kind of an accident. James tried to save him by throwing his rope into the water- but instead this creature continues to wrap around his board.

There is no clear news about the condition of this creature so far, but his video which he uploaded to Instagram went way too far on social media.

This Giant Squid Might Be Thinking This Guy Would Help Him To Save His Life

The ocean is filled up with huge sea monsters and we might know only few of them. It is clear that still there are plenty of discoveries yet to be made.

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