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Kim Jong-Un Romper Is Now The Most Bizarre thing on Planet Earth

It’s been a while since rompers for men have been discovered. This new trend was immediately filled up with jokes and memes over the internet rather than actually catching on.

But with more than 3,000 backers and over $350,000 raised since its debut in May, the retailers have been coming up with their own styles of rompers for men.

It was GetonFleek who started this trend by featuring a giant smiling face of Kim Jong-Un on their romper variation. I mean who doesn’t want a smiling dictator on their body for $79.99 right?  Apparently, this guy does. This was appeared as one of the reviews for this product.

Mike – June 16, 2017

For once in my life, the gals won’t take their eyes off of me. Apparently this romper also turns straight men gay, as I am getting equal attention from the male sex as well. ★★★★★

The Kim Jong-Un Romper it currently retails for $79.99 plus $14.95 for international shipping. After introducing these romper styles, they are getting out of hand. 

These styles have their own unique names. There are Cool Pineapple Rompers, Burrito Cat Rompers, Fried Chicken Rompers and even Emoji Poop Rompers.

via getonfleek

What is your favorite romper for men? Comment below to see which one is the most popular and share this because your friend might need one.

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