Polishing A Rusty Knife

An Asian Guy Made $3 Rusty Knife Into The Finest Knife Ever And His Video Went Insane

 It’s been proved! all you want to get your video to become number #1 on YouTube is a rusting knife and a ton of polishing.

Jun is a Japanese You Tuber who made few videos of him cooking Asian dishes in his own Kitchen channel. The best part about his videos is his cute cats laying besides him, when he record videos.

Jun’s latest video titled ‘Polishing a Rusty Knife’, quickly came into the number one video on YouTube unexpectedly.

This oddly satisfying video has already received almost 7 million views in just 2 days after uploading and seems like it’s not going to stop until it hits another few million hits.

Jun went to the recycling store to get rid of his old stuff and there was a guy who came into the store to sell a rusty Japanese knife. Because the knife was so crappy, the store didn’t want it at all. So the guy was telling that he would even sell it to 30 cents.

When Jun asked this guy if he would sell the knife, he said “I would not sell it for less than $3”. So Jun bought the knife anyway for $3 and the other guy exit the store with a giant smile on his face.

Jun felt he lost to that guy, so he tried sharpening and cleaning the knife as much as he can to make that guy jealous and regret selling it to Jun for only $3. Check out the full clip below. 

Polishing A Rusty Knife!

This is not the first time he uploaded a knife sharpening video. His first time was also a hit! It made over 4 million videos in a very little time period and it was titles as ‘Sharpening a $1 knife’

Sharpening A $1 Knife!

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