Porsche hijack attempt fails

How ‘Quick Thinking’ Saved Life Of A Porsche Owner From An Armed Hijacker

South Africa is known to be having one of the highest hijacking rates in the whole world. In-fact it is about one hijacking within every 30 minutes. Specially in Johannesburg crime rate is at a considerably high value.

They have specifically released instruction for their citizens on how to avoid situations like this and how to act when you are confronted by a hijacker.

This incident was Johannesburg crimerecorded on a CCTV camera mounted on a wall, where this Porsche owner tried to park his car. An armed criminal’s attempt to hijack this Porsche failed miserably because of the quick thinking of the victim. The driver quickly reversed the car in a matter of seconds and escaped with his vehicle with.

During the process the Porsche hit the Hijacker’s vehicle which ended up scratching Porsche bumper.

Watch The Full Footage Until The End

This Was Recorded From Another Camera Near The Incident

(via YouTube)

Kudos to the driver for being able to react so quickly. Many people would’ve just frozen.

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