Bull attacks man

This Is Why You Should NEVER Film A Raging Bull.. It Tossed Him Into The Air!

There are are things some people can not let go, even when the situation is deadly.

Filming everything on your iPad isn’t going to do you any good, when you face a raging bull directly in front of you.

This man provides the best example to that by showing how bad a situation can change from fun to horrifying within a matter of seconds.

The event was held in Portuguese and called ‘touradas à corda’. What it does is, a bull is tied to a rope and released in the town centre while the end of the rope is controlled by a man.

In this Incident, the spectator was too busy filming the bull and when the bull came charging towards him, he was too late to react. The bull tossed him into the air and flipped him right on to the concrete.

Luckily, another spectator got the attention of the bull to a different direction by showing a black piece of cloth. The injured man seems to have several wounds as he was bleeding consistently.

(via dailymail)

Bull Fighting is a traditional sport in Portuguese. This poor bull is tied up and used for entertainment only to be killed after they are taken into the ring. Share this if you are in the Bull’s side!

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