T-rex-costume-Boudoir-Photo shoot

These Boudoir Photos Win The Award For Best Use Of T-Rex Costume

If you haven’t already heard of it, T-Rex costumes are getting out of hand these days. People are trying these costumes for various things just to add some more spice to them.

Before finding more about this costume,  let’s talk something about how it was created.

When you are thinking about Dinosaurs, there is no way you forget about the movie ‘Jurassic World’ which was a super hit featuring Chris Pratt. Among the dinosaurs in this movie, Tyrannosaurus rex is clearly the iconic creature which people remembered and then some how transformed into a costume.

This weird costume was originally created by Rubies Costume Company and it is the biggest costume creator in the world. Ever since this suit was created, people are using it for a ton of weddings, engagement parties and even for scaring the crap out of people.

One of the best use of this costume is the Boudoir Photography. Normally when you think about boudoir photos you think about sexy and pretty pictures, but these are just amazing to look at.

Nicole Stein of Calgary, Canada came up with this weird idea for her boudoir shoot  with her upcoming wedding. Kissy Spicer of Josh & Kissy Photography did the photo shoot and the final results are just too damn funny.

Here’s Some More Of T-Rex Costumes In Action

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