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Toothpick Crossbow Is A Nightmare And It’s Worse Than The Fidget Spinner

This new little toy is called the toothpick crossbow and now it is spreading across China like wildfire.

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The toothpick crossbow was initially designed to shoot toothpicks made out of wood – and just that. But when they are swapped with a metal needles, the results cause serious accidents.

When it shoots metal skewers, they can fly almost 20 meters and they can easily pierce through cardboard and even a light bulb, without much effort.

Now there are even videos made for showing different tricks that you can do by this. Checkout out the toothpick crossbow in action below.

That is not the end..

The worst thing is, these gadgets only cost as little as $1 on online stores in china. So the children in primary and middle schools can easily find one and shoot at others for fun. In-fact the first accident reported because of this toy was very unlucky. It made a school boy’s eye sight permanently damaged.

Parents in China are struggling to save their children from this deadly toy while some areas in China already stopped the sales of this product.

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via eBay
toothpick crossbow eBay wooden
via eBay

The demand for this product is so high, even the sellers can’t keep up with the supply. Therefore the local stores frequently goes out of stock for this product.

On eBay, you can easily find one of these for just $9.99 and now they even have few variations to it.

toothpick crossbow on eBay
Caption via eBay

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